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Expertise from Pirkanmaa sails in the Caribbean

If you go on a cruise on the vast oceans of the world, you may come across a masterpiece from Pirkanmaa. Under the international name ByNiemi, Niemen Tehtaat furnishes luxury cruise ships, also called floating hotels.

Niemen Tehtaat has 120 years of experience in the manufacture of home furniture and public space furniture, but in addition to these, the company is also a top expert in the maritime industry. Under the international name ByNiemi, Niemen Tehtaat makes cabin furniture for luxury cruise ships, which are called floating hotels or even smart cities.

The manufacture of cabin furniture requires special expertise, which emphasizes high quality, strict schedules and more demanding criteria. The strengths of the furniture factory include the implementation of the entire process, from product design to manufacturing.

Reliability of delivery has become a trademark of ByNiemi, as it has always been able to deliver all its ship orders in record time. Cost efficiency, quality, readiness for industrial series production and logistics and entity management guarantee reliable deliveries in ship projects.

The manufacture of special furniture always starts with design. The factory has two of its own product designers, and they are responsible for the structures and work stages of the cabin furniture, i.e. they create a path for the furniture to a finished product.

The fittings of the cabins of the luxury cruise ships, including cabinets and table tops, are made of melamine-faced, light furniture board. Up to thousands of moisture-resistant boards can pass through the factory’s fully automated production line during the day. At the factory, the boards are sawn, glued, drilled, stacked and packed. The furniture is assembled at the cabin factory and the cabins are lifted as ready-made modules directly onto the cruise ship.

Maybe Wilho Niemi, the founder of Niemen Tehtaat, had a premonition of ship projects.

As a natural born merchant, he was aware of the laws of nature and he drew his own conclusions from them. For example, he claimed to pull the world’s largest ship with hair. All you have to do is pull at the base and slowly increase the strength. Likewise, he said:

– You may load Tyrvää Church either in whole or in parts on the ferry behind my boat, and I will bring it to Alasenkylä village at once. I guess it could work.

By believing in what they do, the furniture factory has also managed to get aboard maritime industry projects.

Did we get your attention?

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